Meet Dr. Tim McConnell

Olympia, WA Chiropractor

Over 2 Decades of Chiropractic Experience

Dr. Tim McConnell of Back In Action Chiropractic knows the importance of quality chiropractic healthcare because before he was a doctor, he was first a chiropractic patient seeking help after sustaining a back injury.

Inspired by his own firsthand experience, Dr. Tim has worked in chiropractic care for over 20 years, and is proud to help patients recover and overcome painful episodes preventing them from living an active lifestyle free from pain and discomfort.

Dr. Tim is committed to delivering high quality treatments and rehabilitation utilizing cutting edge technology and time-tested chiropractic techniques. Visit Back In Action at our private clinic located in Olympia, Washington.

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I’ve been seeing Dr.Tim for at least 8 years now,he keeps me going every other week w/ my back! I’m blessed to have him in my life!!!! Happy back…Happy life!!!
5 stars
-Tammy D. Messer

A friend recommended Dr. Tim McConnell at Back in Action for my chiropractic health. Dr. Tim is a true professional and very knowledgeable in alternative health. I have been a regular patient since 2016. Dr. Tim was instrumental in my recovery from a rear end auto collision. I would highly recommend Dr. Tim at Back in Action to anyone who wants a natural, drug free way to manage back or neck pain.

5 stars

-Carol Peebles

It is hard to believe I suffered so long with pills, that didn’t work and was facing surgery; before I found Dr McConnell. His loving staff and his natural approach gave me my life back! I would recommend Dr Tim to everyone suffering from chronic pain.
5 stars
-Bruce Parker

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