Chiropractic Treatment for Lower Back Pain in Olympia, WA

Dr. Tim McConnell has over 2 decades of chiropractic experience helping treat lower back pain

What Does a Chiropractor do for Lower Back Pain?

Spinal Manipulation for the Lower Back

Manual therapy is often the common treatment given to reduce lower back pain in patients.

Manual spinal manipulation is applied to the spine by using short arm thrusts to vertebra that are misaligned. Once applied the goal is to improve range of motion, functionality, and reduce nerve pain.

Lower Back Chiropractic Treatment Planning

Chiropractic treatment planning is developed based on the disability and pain of the patient. Providing chiropractic wellness care helps to maintain the health of the lower back. Ergonomic modification and exercises can also be advised in order to support your functional and pain free lifestyle.

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Common Reasons for Lower Back Pain

Strains and sprains can occur when lower back muscles or ligaments are overextended.

Common causes of strains and sprains of the lower back:

  • Poor posture over time

  • Lifting heavy weight or twisting beyond your capabilities

  • Sudden bursts of motion that put stress on the back

  • Sports injuries from impact or over extension

  • Falling

    Reasons for Chronic Lower Back Pain


    Pain is chronic if it lasts longer than three months and exceeds the ability for the body to heal it on its own.

    Common causes that could lead to chronic lower back pain:

    • Osteoarthritis – Caused from wear and tear

    • Spinal stenosis – Narrowing of the spinal canal

    • Deformity – Scoliosis, kyphosis, and others

    • Spondylolisthesis – This condition happens when one vertebra slips over the adjacent vertebrae

    • Compression fracture – When the cylindrical vertebra fractures or caves in on itself

    • Trauma – A fracture or dislocation of the spine

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    How Can You Benefit From Seeing a Chiropractor for Back Pain 

    Lower back pain (LBP) is one of the leading reasons for disability throughout the world. It is also one of the leading reasons for seeking care from chiropractors, physical therapists, or a doctor.

    In one study chiropractic for lower back pain was found to be as effective as physical therapy for back pain. The study also found that chiropractic costs significantly less than physical therapy.

    Americans would spend $12.75 billion more a year if they chose physical therapy over chiropractic (Khodakarami, 2020).

    Non-Surgical Treatment for Lower Back Pain

    Chiropractic health care uses non-surgical treatments that treat disorders to the musculoskeletal or nervous systems. Much of the focus of chiropractors is to do spinal manipulations to treat the spine.

    Chiropractic treatments are effective in treating lower back pain. When patients are treated for lower back pain, they often begin to have less pain, increased mobility, and increased health right away.

    We offer Spinal Decompression for back pain relief


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        Unfortunately, if you are living with lower back pain these activities may not be as enjoyable for you. Fortunately, lower back pain does not have to control your life and keep you from enjoying all of the activities the Olympia area has to offer. Stop in today and discover how an adjustment can improve your ability to enjoy outdoor activities again.

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